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Pascal André Heimlicher is an international fashion and people photographer born in Switzerland.

His work has been featured in international magazines such as GQ, PLAYBOY, MAXIM, FHM, MUSCLE & FITNESS, VOGUE around the world from USA to Australia. His clients include global brands, especially in the luxury goods, lingerie, swimwear and fashion sectors.

Originally a commercial studio photographer, he gave numerous workshops in the field of lighting setup, portrait and beauty photography in the studio until he discovered the fascination of photography with natural light without any additional equipment or light sources. In his opinion, this unadulterated mood of light has something special about it.

Pascal’s particular strengths include his interaction with the models on the set, his positive constructive energy and the leadership of the entire team during a production. He believes everyone involved is one unit and all have the same goal to create images that the world has never seen before. He loves to portray women from their most beautiful side, strong, attractive, self-confident, sexy and feminine.

This results in unique images that not only meet the highest technical demands in medium format photography, but also captivate with their unmistakable emotional and sometimes slightly provocative language. Many photographers from all over the world visit his workshop precisely to learn the “certain something” that shapes his pictures and makes them unmistakable.

photo: chris reist

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